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In 2010, observed a shift in the type of physicians and practices which sought Telemedicine Licenses. Prior to 2010, the majority of Physicians and Medical Practices which sought Telemedicine Licenses were involved mainly in specialized medicine ( i.e. Radiology, Pathology, Psychiatry, and Neuromonitoring )and Physicians connected with online Pharmacies. However in 2010 and the years that follow, we witnessed a shift towards General Medicine / Family Practice. With the progressive advances in technology and changing attitudes toward the delivery of care via the internet, the reality of true Internet-Based Medicine has been realized.

Today, from the comfort of your home, you can search, find, and review potential online practices and physicians. Once your selection is made, through the practices website, you enter your information, schedule an interview with a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Physician, have a proper prognosis provided, and then visit your pharmacy to pick up the required prescription. For many issues and conditions, having to wait in a Doctor's Office with 20 other sick people, hoping that you do not catch what they have, will become a thing in the past.

With the convenience of seeing a physician from your own home will also come the reduce cost of treatment. The Physician or Practice typically will have less over head and as such can pass the savings on to the patient.

Because of this the percentage of Telemedicine Licenses to Non-Telemedicine Licenses has drastically increased. Physician's practicing Telemedicine and Teleradiology need to protect themselves by obtaining a Full Medical License,Telemedicine License, Teleradiology license in each State where they will be accepting Telemedicine Patients and Teleradiology Contracts. The cost is minimal compared to the risk of not being licensed. is experienced and capable to handling this scale of licensure. can make an impossible process manageable and feasible. is experienced in licensing physicians in multiple States at once. This process presents its' own unique issues which must be properly addressed. The applications have to be submitted in the correct order along with the verifications so that the majority of the re-verifications can be avoided. We are experienced with Physicians who have licensed in all 50 States at once. Our certification system allows for the application process to proceed smoothly with each State Medical Board simultaneously. is the recognized leader in Telemedicine Licensing. Other licensing companies continually visit in their attempt to keep up with the changing licensing laws. We are the experts in this field.

If you are looking for a credentialing solution for your Teleradiology or Telemedicine Practice,'s Physician License Services can meet this need by providing an efficient, cost effect program.

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Services Included with Medical Licensing:

  • Set up of the State Medical Board Application
  • Set up of the required primary source confirmations
  • Submission of the State Medical Board Application
  • Submission of Reference Forms to References
  • Submission of Required Forms to other State Medical Boards
  • Requests of Transcripts from Medical Schools and Universities
  • Submission of Required Forms to Hospitals and Institutions
  • Submission of Temporary License Applications Completion of FCVS forms (if required or requested)

Licensure Services

Wise Words

"Medical Board Licensure is comparable to the Science of Geology. The continual application of time and pressure will move mountains."

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Expedited Licensure

Medical Licensure Services with each State of the USAThe State Medical License process is time consuming and arduous. Your time is too valuable to be spent on completing forms, licking envelopes, sending emails, and making phones calls over and over again. That is why exists. We can make the paths straight and reduce the time it takes to complete your Medical License Application. To initiate the process, simply complete our form, forward to your CV', and then await for your licensure packet to arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Once you return the packet, then will handle everything. It is that easy .

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Additional Telemedicine License Information

Advances in technology have opened new doors of opportunity for many medically underserved communities in America. Licensure laws that regulate interstate telemedicine practice vary from state to state. Restrictive licensure laws require a practitioner to obtain a full license to deliver telemedicine care across state lines. A number of States require practitioners who seek compensation to frequently deliver interstate care to acquire a full license. If a practitioner serves several states, obtaining this license in each state could be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. can reduce the burden and cost of obtaining the required licensure. Most States require the Physician to have a license where they are physically located and where the patient resides.