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High Speed Internet has opened the door to Telenursing. Today, a Registered Nurse can work from home in California for a Hospital in New Hampshire, while video conferencing with a pregnant mother to be in Georgia. This is happening today. However, it cannot happen without the required licensing in each State. This is where comes into the picture. Our company administrates and project manages the TeleNurse Licensing Process from beginning to end.

If a nurse resides and holds a Nurse License in a Compact State (there are 25 Compact States) then the nurse can practice in any of the 25 Compact States without additional licensing. A complete list of the 25 Compact States are listed on this page.

If a nurse resides in a Non-Compact State (there are 26 Non-Compact States) then the nurse cannot practice in the 25 Compact States without a full nurse license in that State.

The 26 Non-Compact States require that a Nurse hold a full nursing license in their State before a Nurse can practice in their State - irregardless of the State where they reside and the Nurse Licenses which they hold.

How does help over come the over whelming process of Telenurse Licensing in 26+ States? Our process is listed below:'s Telenursing Licensure Process:

1 - Set up all applications
2 - Set up all verifications
3 - Submission of all applications to each Nursing Board
4 - Submission/request of all Verifications
5 - Follow up with all Telenursing Boards
6 - Follow up with all Verifications
7 - Submission of all Fingerprint Cards

Nurse Licensing

Who is our Typical Client?

Our Telenurse Licensing Service is only offered to our Corporate Clients. Our typical client is a Hospital, Insurance Company, or Health System which has a number Registered Nurses providing Telenursing Services or Insurance Review Services for patients in multiple States. Instead of handling the credentialing in house, the corporate client has contracted it out to to manage.

Complete List of the 25 Compact Nurse States:

  1. Arizona
  2. Arkansas
  3. Colorado
  4. Delaware
  5. Idaho
  6. Iowa
  7. Kentucky
  8. Maine
  9. Maryland
  10. Mississippi
  11. Missouri
  12. Montana
  13. Nebraska
  14. New Hampshire
  15. New Mexico
  16. North Carolina
  17. North Dakota
  18. Rhode Island
  19. South Carolina
  20. South Dakota
  21. Tennessee
  22. Texas
  23. Utah
  24. Virginia
  25. Wisconsin

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Do you have questions about our service? Want to know how our program can be implemented to quickly and seemlessly license your Compact Nurses in all of the Non-Compact States? Do you have a population of Non-Compact Nurses which need to be licensed in all 51 States (DC Included)? Our program is proven. We can make an over whelming obstacle into an opporturnity for your company.

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